“Wat Chedi Luang”  is a Buddhist temple in the historic center of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The current temple grounds were originally made up of three temples — “Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Ho Tham and Wat Sukmin”.

     The construction of the temple started in the 14th century, when “King Saen Muang Ma”  planned to bury the ashes of his father there. After 10 years of building time it was left unfinished, later to be continued after the death of the king by his widow. Probably due to stability problems it took until mid-15th century to be finished during the reign of “King Tilokaraj”. It was then 82 m. high and had a base diameter of 54 m, at that time the largest building of all “Lanna”. In 1468, the Emerald Buddha was installed in the eastern niche. In 1545, the upper 30 m. of the structure collapsed after an earthquake, and shortly thereafter, in 1551, the Emerald Buddha was moved to “Luang Prabang”.